EEOBSS Summer School and Workshop

The Summer School within the EEOBSS Project will be held in 8-12 September 2017 in the town of  Blagoevgrad. Training during the summer school will be on the use of modern technologies for geo-information analysis of satellite images. Participants (students from grade 10-12) will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the theoretical foundations of Earth Observation (EO) from space, GNSS and GPS technology, the methods of pre-processing and image classification of satellite images, as well as the fields of application of the methods and data from EO. All participants who fully participate in the summer school, will receive certificates. Those who wish to participate must submit a Cover letter in free text accompanied by a Letter of Recommendation from the principal by 15.08.2017. The results of the nominations will be announced on 30.08.2017. For part of the approved candidates in a difficult financial situation it will be possible to cover the travel expenses (to and from the venue of the event). For that purpose, in your Cover letter please describe the need for incurring expenditure. We welcome your nominations to We wish you the best of luck!

EEOBSS project workshop will be held on 13.09.2017 in the town of Blagoevgrad. For more information, visit the event website: 

The team of project EEOBSS